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Electronic Accessories Travel Case With 19 Compartments top view
Electronic Accessories Travel Case With 19 Compartments opened view
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Electronic Accessories Travel Case - totinit Go Travel! Tech Pack

Unleash the Potential of Technology With Our Comprehensive Tech Pack
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totinit Go Travel! Tech Pack is ideally suited for storing your electronic accessories. It incorporates a foldable honeycomb interior with 19 compartments for flash drives, SD cards, cables, wall adapters, power banks and more.

There's even a large RFID Pocket to safely store your Passport, credit cards and ID to help block against RFID scanners. totinit's tech pack has secure elastic cable organizers to avoid the mess of those tangled cables! Our fashionable and protective Tech Pack is made with durable fabric and water-repellent finish.

Wear it, Pack it, Find it ……. YOU are totinit! 

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Foldable Honeycomb Interior

RFID Protection

19 Compartments

Water Repellent Finish

Travel Organized

All Your Tech Products and Accessories Organized in One Durable Travel Bag

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
AWESOME secondary bag for travel - gamechanger if you're looking to optimize

In a nutshell: This travel pack is amazing for those that are on the go and travel on airplanes. Load up your devices / battery packs / accessories in this for an easy to access under seat option. No more scrambling and searching through your backpack in the overhead bin.

The Good:

-The build quality on this pack is VERY good. Zippers are appropriately "slidey" and feel sturdy. I've had this pack with me on over 10 flights since getting it and it hasn't worn down or shown any signs of stitching breaking down, etc.

- The material is very dense and resistant to anything that might poke it (or poke through from the inside).

- LOTS of internal pouches so if you want to break down where you have everything EXACTLY where you want it you can...or you can just throw stuff in. Everything is really easily accessible. I reallylike the cable management area where you can coil cables and have them ready at a moments notice. Especially nice when the folks you're travelling with ask you for a cable.

The OK: I wish it was just a BIT larger so I could use it with my Steamdeck! (so not necessarily a negative here).

The Bad: Honestly - nothing falls into this category with this product. I typically look for any type of build quality fail, etc and this pack is just well constructed and worth the price in my opinion.

If you like to optimize your travel and carry while you travel, this bag could be a game changer for you. I use this as a secondary bag I pop in my backpack on flights, then take this out and place under the seat for really easy access. Makes it a lot easier if you're in the middle or window seat and don't want to bug those you're flying with by needing to get out into the aisle to access a backpack in the overhead.

Great travel tech pack bag, Recommend!

Awesome travel tech pack bag that makes carrying your accessories very convenient and easy. Love the RFID blocking technology which is great to protect memory and other tech sensitive items. Super portable and enjoyed the 19 different compartments for flexibility and creative storage of items. This is great for business travel and vacations. Highly recommend.

Finally found what i was looking for

I'm a frequent traveller, constantly setting up my office on new desks or hotel room. I've been looking for a good travel bag for my tech equipment. Found what i needed with this product.

Its small enough to fit in my carry-on yet just big enough to fit everything i need. I like all the convenient slots for cables and adapters - nice touch.

Great quality and remarkably inexpensive for the quality you get.

Buying two more for gifts.

Great accessory

For me, this bag fills a need - holding all the loose gear that accompanies a laptop. It looks good and isn't too big (so I can stick it in my backpack or carry-on bag, then pull it out when at my work site and have easy access to everything in it). The elastic cable holders are especially nice, since cables have a maddening tendency to get tangled.

Never Forget My Charger Now

I never reserve enough time to pack and toss all of my stuff together at the last minute. With the Totinit Go Travel Tech Pack, it's there ready for my next trip. Padded in the right places so I can take my laptop chargers, stand, and accessories. Worth the money and now I never have to visit Best Buy on business trips.

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