About Us

totinit: Wear it, Pack it, Find it.

As a seasoned retail, distribution and manufacturer representative, Brian Herd had always admired the creation of technology goods catering to consumers needs. With his vast array of experiences, he realized that he could create a product which would definitively fill a void in the market.

Founded in 2016, totinit was created with the simple premise of making it easier and safer to carry your immediate belongings. From the brand name perspective, Brian’s focus was to find a versatile name which was synonymous with both carrying your belongings and incorporating the action of travel.

totinit (pronounced “tote-in-it”) was chosen as it encapsulated a form of a Tote travel bag while including the ability of being an action. totinit is therefore both a noun and a verb. The brand name being the noun and the verb usage being as easy as saying I’m totinit.

From a product perspective, Brian had long been looking for a minimalistic carry-all bag which could accommodate for quick access to his cell phone, wallet, keys, and passport. He found that there was nothing desirable on the market which met his needs for comfort and accessibility, all while keeping to a relatively small form factor.  

Beyond the traditional and old-school belt bag & fanny packs, his only options for storing personal items were to carry a big bulky backpack or to bother his wife and use her purse to lug around his “stuff”.

The product that started it all was the totinit Passport crossbody sling with the inclusion of three front facing modular pockets. More than just a modified version of the popular 1980’s fanny-packs, totinit created an entirely new product and look which sets the standard for what a proper minimalistic bag should be. The unique modular totinit design is patent-pending and this unique feature lets an individual move around and adjust the 3 pockets to their wearing style.

Once the initial flagship Passport sling sku was created and selling successfully, totinit firmly planted its roots in the tech-travel space and diversified the product portfolio by adding the hot commodity RFID minimalistic wallets and other travel bags to the assortment.  

We hope that you too will be #totinit